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TALES BY MIDNIGHT #3 – Wonders shall never end.

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There was this boy that I liked in secondary school. 

To be honest, now when I think back on it, I don’t know why. 

This boy chased me vigorously for 6 whole months. 

And in those 6 months, he did the absolute most. 

He was a popular player and me being the gist connoisseur at the time, I knew of his escapades. 

For some reason, I’ve always been easy to confide in so I was that person who somehow knew everybody’s gist. 

I was also the go-to relationship adviser and matchmaker. (I don’t know who sent me message)

But that’s asides the point. 

This boy came after me with so much vim and zest. 

For the sake of this story, let’s call him K.

K finally wore me out with his advances and I said to myself, what’s the big deal, I might as well try and see. Take risk and succeed init?

So I told him a yes that was very shabby and accompanied by a lot of ‘shalaye’ such as “this is a probation period”…etc. (who did I really think I was?)

Anyway, this boy broke up with me in dining two weeks after we became a thing😂

After all the gra gra. Can you imagine?

Apparently, it was a dare. 

See, I have suffered in this life but that’s gist for another day. This is not the part of this story that I want to focus on. 

My focus is on what happened after. 

He wrote me a letter saying he was sorry and had, in fact, caught feelings for me in the process. But I wasn’t having any of it. 

I vehemently refused. 

Then we go home for holiday, and his calls reduce. 

I still liked him but I suspected he liked somebody else. 

This is how I decided to catfish this boy. 

Lmao. Don’t lie, you’ve done your fair share of stupid things in the name of love. 

And if you haven’t, don’t judge me abeg. 

E be things.

So back to my story. 

This was in the time of flip phones and carrot trousers. 

I made my number private and I changed my voice and called him.

I pretended to be a different person.

He liked my voice and called me back.

Lmao. My acting was (and still is) phenomenal. 

This was the first plan.

Get him to confide in my alter ego and tell her who he likes. 

But this led to long conversations that never should have happened. 

Which birthed the second plan. 

Get him to fall for my alter ego and break his heart. 

Anyway, this plan was working. 

Baba was tripping. Hard. 

But then he told the catfish about me. Lmao.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a good liar so of course, I slipped up. 

And he almost caught me. 

I nearly died. 

But by some funny miracle, he never found out. 

One day, I woke up, realized the foolishness of what I was doing and just stopped entirely. 

I’ve never really told anyone this part of the story. 

Mostly because I was ashamed of my actions. 

Why was I bending over backwards just to get the attention of someone who didn’t think me worthy enough of a proper love?

Why are you becoming less and less of yourself just to capture the attention of someone who doesn’t deserve yours in the first place?

See, this is what I want to tell you tonight.

A person who loves you will love you whole.

He won’t keep you guessing

He won’t leave you paranoid.

They will love you fully and every part of you will be aware.

Male or female. 

You deserve a love that chases after you.

One that prioritizes your best interest. 

The kind that makes you better.

The kind that is unwavering and solid in its resolve to cherish you.

The kind that doesn’t take from you without giving back. 

The kind that Jesus gave when he gave his all. 

Crazy, damaged love is outdated.

Ugly, toxic love is not cute.

Love that is clearly unhealthy with toxic traits that bleed you out is not real love.

It is suffer-head and you deserve better than that.

Don’t settle for sufferhead.

I’m begging you. 

There’s better. So much better. 

Love yourself enough to accept this.

If this love doesn’t remind you of how recklessly Jesus loves you, it’s not for you I promise.

So let’s talk, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love? Lmao. Gist me in the comment section. 

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😂🤣 this is really funny. Well me that I don’t drink I drank to stupor and got myself drunk to be able to call this guy I was dying for and profess my love to him I spoke to him for over an hour telling him about how I loved him and how he was putting me through hell not reciprocating. Lmao moral lesson ; worst mistake of my life


    Lmao. I can Imagine. Omg


Lmao, e be things… I remember this person I was catching feelings for years back was ignoring me. I made my number private to see if he’d pick.

Then I remember lying I got in an accident just to get his attention, I even faked a limp!🤦🏾‍♀️

We bless God.


    Lmao. Screaming about the faking a limp part. Omo, e be things oh


I asked my friend to tell him, hi. 😂😂


    Lmao. This one is even small and sweet.

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