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I have a love- hate relationship with sleep. 

I love it but it doesn’t seem to love me back. 

And trust me, I have tried.

From scented candles to lullabies to sleeping aids and even camomile tea. 

Nothing really does it. 

So I have accepted that some nights will come and I will roll and roll and not find sleep. 

There are nights however when I try and wait and insist because my body needs it. 

On nights like these, I roll and toss and turn and wear myself out with thoughts and conversations in my head till the sleep comes. 

It’s on a night like this that this blog series came to me. 

It will be the first of many, they will come every Friday at midnight. 

They are random stories of things that have happened to me in this life.

This is how my mind works. I overthink a lot. 

It’s a beautiful jumble of many unrelated things combining to sometimes, give me a headache.

My mind is a maze.

But this blog post is not about my mind.

It is about the gist I have for you.

Forgive my digression.

Tonight, I want to tell you about the day my wrapper fell down in front of everybody. 

Lmao. Grab your popcorn. 

So I was 10 at the time. 

The children church was going to perform in the adult church with choreography, cultural dance, songs and even drama.

As an Oversabi that I was, I was in all the groups. 

Yes I did it all. Lmao.

According to the sequence of events, the drama was to be displayed right after the cultural dance. 

Fortunately for me, my role in the drama was a village gossip with calabash on her head coming from the stream with a friend. 

My costume for my scene was similar to the wrapper I tied to do the cultural dance. 

I had it all planned out in my head, the transition would be seamless.

And so as planned, after the dance, I ran backstage to join the other actors. 

My scene was the second scene. 

My wrapper felt loose but the adrenaline pumping in my chest didn’t let me dwell on it. 

I walked in on cue to the front of the stage, absolutely killing my gossip role.

Until it happened. 

It all happened so fast. 

One minute, I was talking while simultaneously clapping my hand in successive rhythms and the next, my wrapper was on the floor.

In front of the whole adult church. 

I could hear the gasp from the audience.

I could feel my shame rise to my throat and threaten to escape my mouth in tumultuous vomit-like eruptions. 

But guess what happened?

I laughed and continued in character. 

I joked to my alarmed friend about how the sweetness of the gist made my wrapper fall down. 

I picked it up and tied it back, she even dropped her calabash to help me.

Then we both laughed and said to go home before another person’s wrapper drops in the village.

It was epic, the crowd erupted in applause.

I was a child, I had no shame.

I should have been embarrassed, but I was not. 

The audience didn’t stop clapping, even after we had left the stage.

Some people thought it was part of the act, they thought it brilliant.

Some knew what had happened, but they marveled at my courage.

My drama director praised me, he loved the way I spinned it.

My co-actors couldn’t believe it. 

“Weren’t you embarrassed?” They asked me over and over again.

But should I tell you the truth? I was.

I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. 

I felt tears threaten to escape my eyes. 

The shame I felt was loud.

But I didn’t let it lead.

I didn’t let it influence my actions.

This is the effect that confidence has.

Even when you trip, the world would applaud you because it would be as though it was part of the act.

People would only always see what you choose to show them.

How you see yourself would ultimately reflect in how people see you. 

Shame is deceptive. 

And you are not your mistakes.

So let me encourage you. 

Is there a mistake you’ve made?

Did you fail at something?

Is there something threatening to embarrass you?

Hold your head up and move on in-spite of it.

Do not let it cripple you. 

Don’t stay there. 

Don’t dwell on it.

Dust it off and get ahead of it.

I know it’s cringe worthy. 

I know you cannot believe this happened to you.

But it has happened.

So wear your confidence like a crown. 

You cannot shame the shameless. 

Random picture of I and my sisters doing cultural dance.
Can you guess which one is me?

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You cannot shame the shameless!!!


    Yes oh❤️

Omoefe Irri

Indeed you can not shame the shameless. It is a beautiful piece.


    Thank you mummy!❤️


Wow, I enjoyed reading this and thanks for the advice!


    Thank you so much❤️

Precious Esosa

Whoosh! Girl!!! Go you! Thank you for this. It’s amazing.


    Thank you for reading❤️

Olasubomi Obilana



    Thank you❤️


I love eeet! I prolly would have just run off the stage.
Thank you for the words in season.


    Lmaoo. Me now, probably would have run off that stage. But me of that time, had zero shame. Lmao.

Cynthia Eboson

This is a very important lesson for all. There’s no shame in falling, shame comes only when you decide to remain on the floor so get up! Hold your head high, adjust your crown and walk. That is strength, confidence and success right there. Thanks sisi, amazing lessons were learnt 😘😘😘


    Thank you for this beautiful reply😭❤️

Sharon Damisa

“You cannot shame the shameless”
You write so well Oreva..
This is beautiful!


    Thank you mami❤️


    Really beautiful! I’m new to your blog and honestly I can’t wait to go through every other thing you’ve written.


      Yayy. This made me smile. Thank you for reading!

Grace Egwede

Epic!!! I think most of us were soo fearless as kids we need to continue now.


    Yes. As kids, we had zero shame!

Efua Unugbua

I loved every minute of this. Absolutely beautiful.


    Yayy. I’m glad


review I love it it helped me personally #courageous

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