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Catching Feelings – The Finale.

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Have you ever held hot shit before?

Before you squeeze your face, hear me out. You know that kind that hooks you when you’re out and if you’re like me that doesn’t know how to use public toilets, you have to wait till you get home.

This is how I feel right now as I wait for Amara to show. It is like I’m inside traffic and hot shit is terrorizing me. 

My palms are sweaty, my brain is singing, my feet won’t stop shaking because nervousness is trying to disgrace me. 

She walks in at exactly 2:05 and it feels like all the air in the room takes it leave in reverence to her beauty. 

She is stunning. 

Hands down. 

In a pictures don’t do her justice kind of way and how could they?

How do you capture this aura in one frozen moment?

You can’t. 

Remember how I said she’s not the in your face kind of beautiful?

Yeah, she really isn’t.

Everything about her is really simple which makes it even more baffling.

How is it that she takes my breath away in jeans and a simple shirt? How?

I see her hands twiddle and I can tell she’s shy.

I almost can’t believe it. 

Shy? For me? How?

I try my best not to act like an idiot but it’s hard, I can’t lie. 

She walks up to me and smiles in that way that can make you loose your sense. 

“Hi M. We finally meet in person”

I swear. I’m going to marry this girl. 

Mark my word.

To you who has been reading,

You don’t deserve a half hearted love. 

You deserve a one in a million, head over heels crazy about you love.

You deserve a love that fights for you and chooses you.

A love that seeks to empower you and not drain you.

A love that prioritizes you and puts you first. 

A love that forsakes all others for your sake – the kind that leaves the 99 to chase after you.

You deserve a love that makes your heart sing. 

The first person to show me this kind of love is Jesus and he’s crazy about you too.

When you know this love, your standards skyrocket. 

No one should take you for eediat. 

You deserve better. 

You are worth finding, you are worth knowing. 

You are a treasure. 

Never see yourself as anything less. 

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Beautiful ❤️❤️. Thank you Oreva for your love note at the end 💜


    Thank you for following through till the end.


      This is beautiful ♥️♥️♥️


        Thank you.

    Tope Oye

    Wow! Just binge read the entire story. You sure have a gift. Thanks for sharing with us. And that twist at the end – genius.


      Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback.


I actually squeezed my face at the beginning lol.
But thank you!
I deserve a love that leaves the 99 for me and I have that in Jesus Christ, I must continue to believe it exists in people that have also received that love too


    Yes yes and yes. Lmao


Worth the entire read!!!!!



Efua Unugbua

I loved every single episode.
Thank you ❤️


    Thank you for reading every episode!❤️


I enjoyed every episode of this series, you are wonderful dear. Thank you so much


    Thank you so much!


I kid you not, I had goosebumps reading this whole series.
Beautiful series babe, makes us want to love and be loved in the best way. Thank you


    Thank you so much for your feedback. Means a lot.


      This series was such a great read, I loved every part of it. You’re an amazing writer and I’m looking forward to reading more from you.


        Thank you so much.


Thank you for this beautiful series Oreva. I didn’t want it to end. Thanks for the love note at the end.


    Wow yes yes yes I do. Thanks Oreva for sharing your words, I have to share it too.


Lovely piece, good and standard write up, keep it up dear

Ibukun Adeyemi

Purely beautiful ❤️


Awww… loved every word of this. Thank you so much! ❤️


    Thank you for reading till the end.


i loved every bit of it.. Thank you Oreva


    Thank you for reading

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