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Catching Feelings #5 – Heart Beat

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I’ve always wondered how people fall in love. What is the sure way to know that you’re head over heels crazy about another person?

Whatever you do, don’t google it.

She’s always on your mind”

“Your heartbeat quickens when they come to mind”

You’re constantly finding ways to make them smile”

You’re always thinking of them”

You can’t get enough of them”

“You always want to talk to them or see them”

You just know”

At this point, it’s safe to say that I am gone. 

If love is a well, I’m deep inside. 

My phone starts to ring almost immediately. I pick without looking at the Caller ID


The way she calls my name makes me melt inside because it’s everything I want to say to her. Mo fè.

I want you. Every gorgeous, precious part of you. 

I want you in ways I’m too afraid to say. 

I want you in ways I’ve never wanted anyone. 

I swallow spit.

“Hey. What’s good”

She hesitates.

I slept off last night”

Did you?

No. I wasn’t sure how to reply”

That’s fine”

Do you know what I love you in igbo is?”

I don’t think so. Will you tell me?”

It is A huru’m gi naya. It means “I see you”

At this point, my heartbeat is twice the normal rate. Where is she going with this? I clear my throat so the words I am about to say come out clearly.

So do you see me?”

That’s not why I called”

Why did you call?”

To say yes”

Yes to what?

Yes to lunch. And it’s not a date

I fight the urge to scream the nonsense that’s hooking me in my throat. 

So are we going to circle back to the Ahumginaya thing?”

That’s not the correct pronunciation but I’ll cut you some slack because of your nice voice

I don’t know how to contain the smile that’s spreading on my face. 

You’re deflecting Amara”

Fine. I’ve been just thinking and in a lot of ways, it feels like you see me. Like really see me”

Duh. I’m in love with you. But I don’t say this, instead I say

You’re right. Is Friday fine for you? 2pm. I’ll text you the address”

Yeah that’s fine”

You could have just typed this yes sha. You had to call and be dramatic, so extra”

I know. I’m trying to be like you

Lmao. If it were me, I wouldn’t have waited till the next day. I would have said yes straight away and not just to lunch. To everything

“Your honesty amazes me”

“Life is too short to be lying”

She laughs and I swear, it is the cutest sound that you’ll ever hear. 

I’m smiling like a fool at this point.

“Disclaimer. I’m photogenic. I look better in my pictures than in real life

I sigh in my heart because even though I’ve never seen her, I know this is another lie that she believes about herself. 

E sure me die that she’s not. 

I look at my clock and mentally calculate how many hours it is till Friday. 

43 hours, 30 minutes. 

(To think that I used to hate maths)

Love will surprise you. 

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Bruhh. This is so good. I was honestly feeling every feeling in the piece as I read. Well done boo. Can’t believe it’s just one final episode.


    Thank you, thank you.


      See me blushing like a fowl and I’m not even Amara. 😭😭😍


Ghen ghen ! Ahh. I can’t wait for the “lunch” but not a “date”😭❤️❤️. I feel like I’m present in Mofe’s room in this whole series because I can feel everything he’s feeling. Damn 🔥


    See ehn, we are all waiting with bated breaths


I feel like i have to write mofe’s like down and use them Kai, so real and honest


    Lmao. Ikr.

Precious Esosa

Osheyyyyyyy! #lovewillsupriseyou!
Great work!


    It really will oh. Lmao


This is just absolutely beautiful 😩😩I literally can imagine everything in my head and it feels so real and relatable


    Thank you so much

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