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Catching Feelings #2 – Hard Guy

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It has been 3 hours, 44minutes and a little above seven seconds since I sent that response and she hasn’t replied. 

I can almost feel you judging me because I said I was going to sleep but truth is I can’t. 

So here I am on Netflix watching friends in a futile attempt to distract myself.

Is my heart even supposed to be beating this fast? 

She must get a lot of these mails so it’s okay that she hasn’t gotten to mine or given me a response. Of which, if we are being honest, I already got one and I should have stopped at that. 

I don’t know why I pushed this. 

What was I really expecting?

I roll out of bed and go into my kitchen to fry yam. I will eat it with thick cold milo, let me see if the sleep won’t come this time. Nonsense.

I’m midway into frying my yam and dancing in my kitchen when I hear the ping of my phone in my room. 

Before I think it through, I’m already in my room, frying spoon in my left hand, wiping my right hand on my shorts as I squint to see what came in. 

Sure enough, it’s a reply from her. 

Lmao. It’s late though. Why aren’t you asleep? Thanks again.”

There are many things that cross through my mind as I read this response.

  1. Why is she awake?
  2. She replied again. Heaven must really be on my side.
  3. Should I tell her the real reason I’m awake?
  4. I decide against number 3. Too stupid.
  5. Why do I even care so much?

My mind is spinning because I want to keep the conversation alive but I am not exactly sure what to say next because my brain keeps freezing on me and my lungs are having a field day playing hide and seek in my chest and now… wait, what’s that smell?

 I run out of my room just in time to save my pan from burning completely.

I look at the black mess that was supposed to be my fried yam and cry internally. 

How did I forget that I left yam on fire?

Hissing, I get a cup and make cold milo because every strength to fry another batch has left me. This is madness and I have to put an end to it. 

For all I know she probably has a boyfriend somewhere that’s making her smile stupid. 

Somehow the thought of that stabs my chest. 

See? Madness. 

Carrying my cup in my hand, I walk to my living room and open Netflix on my tv, I’m barely past the Friends theme song when I remember that her message is still open on my phone, unanswered. 

I fly to my room and pick up my phone.

Can’t sleep. It happens sometimes. You should sleep too.”

See, hard guy is a facade and mine was gently crumbling. 

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Fried yam!
And Netflix🥺 All the signs that you should really be sleeping 😂😂




I was engaged all through! This is literally how it feels. Your description is a 100%. Can’t wait for more.


    Yayyy! I’m glad. Thank you so much.


      How do you write so well… 🤔


        I like to think that it is a gift. Thanks


Haha 😂 Hard guy is definitely a facade !
Can’t wait for the next one 💃🏾


    Lmao. It is oh. Thank you


This is sooooo nice. Please give us the next one soon


Frying yam by that time 😂😂

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