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I have this uncanny gift.

It is to give advise even when I myself am dying. 

For some reason I can’t explain, it’s instinct.

No matter how hurt I am, I’ll always have the right thing to say to a hurting person. 

I shove what I’m feeling aside and carry their pain on my head till I can make it better for them. 

Only when they’re smiling, do I remember that I was fighting for my smile just moments back. 

It’s weird I’m telling you. 


And that’s what I’m doing now. 

Writing this post because one of you needs it.

Have you ever been shot before? (I hope you say no😭)

Anyway, here’s how triggers work in very lay man terms.

It is a lever activated by the index finger. The trigger is connected to a buttload of stuff within the gun and when the shooter pulls the trigger, it sets off a chain reaction that lands in someone or something and Boom. Gunshot fired.

A small amount of energy applied to the trigger causes the release of much more energy. 

A good trigger pull can make all the difference in a guns accuracy

Did you know that when they shoot you, everybody hears the sound but you?

You don’t hear it coming, you just feel it hit you. 


And if you’re unlucky and the bullet pierces your heart or nicks an artery, then you’re dead.

Isn’t it funny how something so little can cause so much damage? 

Did you also know that a gun without a trigger is as good as a toy?

Well, not entirely if I’m being honest because if it has bullets in it and it’s shaken up or the lever is pulled in any way or force applied to the appropriate parts, the gun might go off but then again that is the trigger’s job and we can say the gun was triggered but yeah, I digress. 

Here’s what I’m trying to say. 

The human mind is almost similar to the gun in this sense. 

You think you’re good and fine till you see, hear, smell or read something that sets you off, and boom. Gunshot. 

How do you deal with triggers? 

With guns, it’s simple. 

You’re told to offload your guns (Remove the bullets) when not in use and to always have your safety on. 

safety works by stopping the firing pin from striking the primer. Basically, It blocks the firing pin when engaged and prevents a casualty but sometimes, even these safeties can malfunction and the trigger is pulled and the bullet slips within the cracks and lands at the top of your head. Boom boom pow. 

I don’t mean to scare you but the truth is triggers are weird.

You forget you have them till they’re pulled and they make a mess. 

You can’t really not have them (or maybe you can. I don’t know) but they can be controlled. 

I am one of those people who strongly believe that emotions can be mastered but I’m also a deep feeler so you can see the irony. 

But this is my point.

 Sometimes you do everything right and put safety measures in place.

 Sometimes you offload your guns and render these triggers usuless. 

But there are those times, when a chain reaction is offset and by the time you realize it, it’s already made a mess. 

What do you do then?

Here’s what


You know in those action films when they fire at somebody and the person goes “odeshi”

In this one I’m watching, someone shot and I sighed in relief because it hit his arm and not his heart. 

This thing that’s doing you, it hit your mind but not your existence. 

The breath in your lungs is proof of your fight.

So bounce back. 

Treat your wounds and say odeshi

Because you are bigger than this thing. 

And if you’re patient enough, you’ll find the source. (Nothing just happens. Something set something off, that probably triggered another thing that caused something else)

But I’m here to tell you that this gunshot, it’s just a flesh wound. 

The disappointment.

Failure maybe

Even rejection.

It is an attempt at your peace but it was a failed attempt because here you are reading this. 

Bounce back and put your safety locks back on.

This trigger, you control it. It doesn’t control you. Bounce back. 

Remember at the start of this post when I said one of you needs it? 

I’m the one.

 I am one of you because ultimately, I write first and foremost for myself, then for you. 

I am one of you. 

ODESHI /ò-day-shi/

O dighi eshi” which literally means, “It is not leaking”.  (Popularised by the bakassi boys to imply, “it didn’t touch me” or “I dodged a bullet”)

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Beautiful piece


    Thank you so much


Thank you for this


Lovely piece.


Relate to this heavily, always being there even when I’m hurting. Triggers can be so annoying, it can be a smell, a song or even just place.
Really loved this ❤️


    Yes, triggers are really annoying. Thank you for reading boo

Otobong Isong

Absolutely amazing!! I’m a first timer visitor to your diary and I love it!


    Thank you for visiting and for reading.


Thank you!

Werimegbe Martha

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks a lot❤

Omoefe Irri

Nice piece keep it up


    Thank you mummy


“ The breath in your lungs is proof of your fight. So bounce back. “

Wow… This hit me.
Thanks Revss.


    Yayy. I’m glad. Thank you


We’re stronger than we know and won’t give up.
Awesome piece, thanks.


    Yes yes yes. Thank you for reading



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