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Hi beautiful, gorgeous people of the most high. How are we all doing?

So I’ve been driving for say a little above 3 months now and one thing I can say for sure is most people are mad and unaware but driving in Abuja would make you grateful for the Holy Spirit in you that keeps you in check because kai, God dey.

Anyways, that’s not what I really want to talk about today.

So there’s this struggle I have with my car mirrors. It takes forever for me to find that balance were my car seat is just right and both the center and side mirrors are in proper proportion with my eye. Then there comes a time when someone tampers with this setting (probably someone had to drive your car or while washing, they moved the mirrors) and driving becomes so hard because you’re trying and trying to get back that perfect fit so when driving, even though the mirrors are clear and you can see, the angle is off and so you’re craning your neck the whole time and you’re just generally unhappy and not exactly satisfied.

The issue is not that you can’t see. You’re just not seeing well. It’s not showing you what you NEED to see.

I was thinking about this today and something profound occurred to me.

Let’s talk about angles for a little bit.

I’m sure most of you that have been following me here or maybe listened to me talk must have at one point or the other heard me talk about perception and how if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it really matters who your beholder is. You must have heard me use the mirror analogy and say that it really matters whose mirror you’re viewing your reflection from so as not to have a misfounded identity or a distorted, warped image. If you haven’t heard me say this at any point before, then I just briefly did. Lmao.

But anyway, while this is profound and very true, I’ll just like to say that there’s a step deeper than that. Its beautiful that Jesus is the source of your identity – that he’s the mirror through which you view yourself. It’s amazing that his word shows you your true true reflection but while speaking of our Christian journey, apostle Paul referred to it as a race. I’ll like to paint a picture of it as driving today.

So you know how I said that when driving, if the mirror angles are off, even though you’re seeing, you’re probably not seeing properly and it can be a bit frustrating sometimes to be honest.

That’s sometimes how reading the Bible is or seeing things through Jesus eyes. It’s like taking drugs and how even though these drugs are supposed to make you better, one wrong dosage or maybe wrong use could cause a lot of harm.

In seeing through the eyes of Christ, let’s ensure we get our angles right. This means his words should be received and understood IN CONTEXT. Not through the tainted angles of what we think it should be or our experiences but on what he’s really saying.

When you get your mirror angles wrong, you stand the chance of getting into an accident or having poor visibility and nobody really wants that.

Why do you think two people can snap the same thing and it comes out differently?

It’s all in the angles. Same thing, different angles.

You have the responsibility to adjust your angles even if someone tampers with it (like in the case of the car mirrors) No one can adjust your angles for you.

The better your angle, the penger your image, the clearer your visibility.

Here’s to better angles…xx

Same person. Same day. Same time. Different angles. Do you get?

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