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Hi my darlings, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Forgive me, I’ve had my hands full with so much but anyway I’m here now.

Oh and before I forget, Happy Easter!! I hope your weekend was lit, mine was.

So much has happened that I’ll like talk (blog) about but we’ll just do this one at a time okay?

So yesterday, I went swimming with some friends. (Lmao. I can’t swim but this weather can roast egg so of course I gladly went)

On getting there, my friends were trying to teach me to swim. Bruh, it was an entire experience and not even in a flattering way because I kept almost drowning😂

But something occurred to me in that moment which is what I’ll like to share with you guys.

They kept saying to me “Trust the water” and I remember thinking at the time, “Are these people mad? Like do you want me to drown?”

Like who trusts something that experience has shown has the ability to potentially drown you if you let yourself free fall. It’s like those friends that you visit that have dogs that say “Just come, it won’t bite you”

Lmao. I digress but you get my point.

Anyway, back to the gist.

It took me a while to finally trust the water and even then I still struggled. I kept trying to control it to keep myself afloat and each time I kept failing at it. Till eventually one of my friends stretched out his hands and helped me stay afloat till I could learn the hand and leg movements.

What am I driving at?

Sometimes life is scary and overwhelming not even in the swimming pool way. (More like an ocean to be honest) and in that time when I kept going under, I knew somewhere in my head that I can stand on this side of the pool. It wasn’t the deep end. I was taller than it but like I always say about fear – Fear paints lies in our heads that magnifies the situation and gives you the illusion that you’re smaller and less powerful. So yes sometimes life is scary and most times like I did yesterday, a lot of us feel like we’re failing at it.

Sometimes the best thing to do when you don’t know what to do is nothing. Lift up your hands, relinquish control and let yourself free fall. Stay afloat. It’s okay not to swim into the deep end yet. Just stay afloat because this thing is like sinking sand, the more you struggle, the more you go under.

Also never compare yourself to those who have done ten laps or those who are doing different styles in the deep end. Don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure. YOU WILL GET THERE.

So this is how trust works. You’ve drowned before. You’ve seen movies and heard stories of people drowning so of course, you’re afraid. But trust is acknowledging the power of a thing to potentially cause harm but reminding yourself that experience is not always the best teacher. The reason you’re still drowning is you’re holding on to your fear.

I know a lot has happened to you that has made you cynical and wary. I know it feels like you’ve been here before but you will never gain mastery if you don’t dive again. The irony of this is, when you’ve learnt to trust the water and stay afloat, it’s easier to navigate the water and control your direction but it all starts with an absolute surrender. Release yourself!

So this is just a side note. In navigating your fears, you’ll need somebody to guide you. Someone who’ll hold your hands and show you how. You need a teacher who has mastered the water and can help you out even if you drown. Yesterday, knowing my friend was there was all the confidence I needed to let go because I knew that no matter what happened, I won’t drown. I was sure of his ability to catch me basically. This is why we need Jesus. Who else to trust more than the very person who has the blueprint?

So when next you feel like you’re drowning, release yourself and trust not just life, or the water but in his ability to save you.

Relinquish control

Lmao. In case you’re wondering, I still can’t swim😂 but I’m definitely better at it and I’ll keep trying (no matter how many times I “almost drown”) until I master it because practice makes perfect and consistency is the key to mastery.

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You write so Deep!!!!! This is really great!


    Thank you so much!

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