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If you’ve ever played truth or dare and maybe picked truth at some time or the other, you’ll most likely have been asked “What’s your biggest fear”

In the face of such a question, I often wonder if the answer we give is the true truth or if it’s just a version of the truth that we are willing to share because I mean, shouldn’t the answer be terrifying even to us? There has to be a reason we’re so afraid of it.

But in those moments, we open our mouths and blurt out an answer and I often wonder, is that the true truth? Or a version of the truth that we are willing to share.

I was confronted by one of my biggest fears recently (I obviously won’t tell you what it is because it’s hugely terrifying) but somewhere in the middle of my terror, I realized something about fear and anxiety.


So let me explain this a little further. Anyone knows me knows how much I love Greys Anatomy and how it’s that one tv show that I’m absolutely taken with. Anyway, recently I started rewatching it, like all the way from the first season (Don’t judge me please dear) and it’s funny seeing them worry about the things they’re worrying about now because I already know how things turned out and I know that these things are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. They’re so inconsequential that I forgot that some of these things even happened. I’m watching scenes were some of the characters panic about the future and decisions and I see them struggle with anxiety and I’m watching without any of the suspense because I know they’re going to be okay. I know the end.

What am I driving at?

I know sometimes in the midst of all that you’re feeling and in light of all that you’re going through, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and feel discouraged. It’s easy to let anxiety consume you and have your heart overridden with fears and doubts of all kinds but I’m here to remind you that this is just a brushstroke in light of the full painting and in as much as it might look like the full picture, it’s really not.

There’s a bigger picture. If life is a tv show, you’re probably still in the first season😭

So what are you really afraid of? What is it that terrifies you so much that you can’t even speak about it? Like I said, I was confronted by one of my biggest fears recently and I realized that my mind had inflated it and it wasn’t as fearful as I thought it was.

I’m not saying it won’t be hard or you won’t feel pain but I’m saying in light of that, realize that the one who knows the end from the beginning says that it’ll be okay in the end (Rom 8:28)

Sometimes, I wonder if when we fret, God looks at us the same way I’m looking at these initial episodes of greys anatomy knowing all that’s going to happen.

But you know the most amazing part? He relates with you in that moment not as someone who knows it all or simply knows the end but as someone who understands that although it’ll be okay eventually, in that moment it’s scary and crappy and you’re unsure so he holds your hands and reassures you because his love is gorgeous and patient and will never let go❤️

So what are you really afraid of? Let’s confront our fears this week.

(If you don’t mind, you can share your experiences with me. You know where/how to reach me)

(Photo by Justin Jamgbadi)

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God bless you for this!!
That acronym of fear still resounds in my heart. False evidences appearing real.
It’s going to be fine in the end.
Beautiful piece 💎


    Yes yes! Amen. Thank you for reading❤️


Very profound and reassuring.
Thank you!


    Awwww. Thank you!❤️

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