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You think that you’ve conquered your demons and demolished your fears till you’re faced with something similar (not nearly as terrifying) as these fears and you watch your mind go bonkers as you react in the way you know that you shouldn’t and because you’re unhappy with your reaction, you suppress it and fight it

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I almost did not write this post so the very fact that it’s here is proof that you need to read this. So let’s talk about Forgiveness. First things first, forgiveness is a daily decision. Yes, there would be times when it’ll happen in an instant and your heart feels free and light but then

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Hi guys. It’s been a while and that’s because I’ve been in a different place (season) recently were I feel like I’m marinating. Lol. It’s weird because I just want to soak up so much and I’m honestly enjoying the process but that’s not why I’m here today. Today, I want us to talk about

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Hi beautiful, gorgeous people of the most high. How are we all doing? So I’ve been driving for say a little above 3 months now and one thing I can say for sure is most people are mad and unaware but driving in Abuja would make you grateful for the Holy Spirit in you that

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Hi my darlings, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Forgive me, I’ve had my hands full with so much but anyway I’m here now. Oh and before I forget, Happy Easter!! I hope your weekend was lit, mine was. So much has happened that I’ll like talk (blog) about but we’ll just

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