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6th February

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  Near death experience
  I haven’t exactly kept to my promise. Its been 5 days since I posted anything. I apologize for that. This might be a lengthy post. I apologise in advance.

           Okay. So today, I had the scariest experience of my life. If anyone has ever been on one of those mountainous close to death scary adventures, you might understand where I am coming from. But for the benefit of the rest of us, I shall explain. Wait. Before I continue, I would like to bring to our awareness that this is just a cool story. Not everyday deep stuffs. Sometimes random happenings. So… Where was I? Yeah. Well, I’m on this 3 days trip with some people I barely talk to. School stuff (Not like this bit of information really matters anyway) Today, being the last day, these humans decided to catch major trips. We were to visit the botanical garden. After all the learning that we had done during the day. Cooling off seemed like a goid idea. I calmly obliged. Not like I had a choice anyway. That’s how I was on my own jeje. Enjoying the warm breeze. When this young lad took it upon himself to ask me to join them in some canopy nature walk. (This was after we had gotten to the gardens by the way) Well, seeing that I’m a lover of things of that sort, I was too quick to say yes. I followed. My biggest mistake. It wasn’t until after we had walked a while that I saw it. At first, it didn’t seem bad. Wooden steps leading to something that looked like a tree house. Just a side attraction. I told myself. As we got to the top, I just wanted to die. I was literally hanging from the sky. The only thing holding me in place were the creaking half broken wooden floorboards beneath me. Suspending me awkwardly in the air. With ropes that I doubted could pass as koboko. The thing looked like it would snap at any point. That’s all that stood between me and my unfortunate descent into the jungle below. As I rightly said earlier, I just wanted to die. The fear that gripped me at that moment is one that words cannot rightly express. As if that wasn’t enough, we had to walk through. Yes. On the shaky wood that barely stayed on the ropes. We had to make a couple of ascents and descents till we got to the end of the trail. I mentally recited all the protection psalms that I knew in my head. ( I realized I know just 2) Oh well, I could not afford to let my poor heart do all the hard work. It was dancing erratically in my chest. Earnestly pressing for release. Release to where? I do not know. That’s when I decided to scream. I started small first. Because the fear that gripped me was too strong. It did not work. Oga was nowhere to be found. Jesus was all I had. That’s how I started this scary journey. All the while telling myself in my head “Never Again”. To cut the story short, I made it. I did not die. I’m alive. Would have liked to share the full experience with you. In as much words as I can use. But the body is weak. A lady is tired. She has to go to bed. I shall do that another time. The end. Shikena. Like I said. Its just a cool story. 

Moral lesson: Lol. Close your mouth. Of course I learnt a lesson. There’s always a lesson to learn. The way I finally got to end. With my heart still in my chest and my body intact was because I learnt the secret along the way. Never look down. Just straight ahead. You’ll cease to see the odds. And fears. All you’ll see is the finish line. 

Oh. And never trust calm black Ghanaians when they nicely invite you for nature walks. Don’t do it. Its a trap. 

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