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     So this morning, I was trying to take a selfie. (Judge me not) Since my face was on fleek and all. Well, after taking what seemed to be countless shots, I decided to filter my images. Delete the ugly ones. And retain the ones which seemed okay. You guys know how this is done right? Surely I can’t be the only one who does that. Anyways, as I was saying. I scanned my pictures. Looking to delete the ugly one. Alas. Not one fine picture. I was dazed. After all my snapping. Nothing to show for it. Lmao. Plus, like I said. I thought I looked flawless as I left my room. I was perplexed. I figured it must be the way I was holding the camera. So I decided to change my angle. Capture it from a different perspective. This time, I decided not to snap very plenty pictures. Energy is not sold in the market. I didn’t have enough to waste. Lol. Anyhow sha, as usual I went to check my handiwork. To my legit pleasure and slight amazement. The pictures were sleek. Too fine. Finer than I looked in reality sef. Y’know. The catfish experience. Anyways, this got me thinking. I realized how much a change in perspective, can change your view of things. Your view of life.
    Look into the mirror. What do you see? Is it the image that people have convinced you that is true? Or the image that you have told yourself is all that there can be. Have we ever tried to ponder on the fact that we might be seeing wrongly. Or viewing things differently. I don’t really have an ardent conclusion though. All I’m saying is sometimes when things don’t seem to be looking good. Circumstances seem very awry. Maybe we should change the angle from which we are viewing the situation. A comma when seen from a different angle could be mistaken for a bracket. As a friend of mine once quoted. ‘Life isn’t black or white. Embrace the grey areas’ Sometimes, the obvious things are only that apparent cos its the only thing we can see. Its all that’s in our focus.   Choose to see the beauty instead. As its popularly said. ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ What are you beholding?

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Lovely reflection. But you for post the pics make we see na. Lol.
A fresh perspective is always refreshing.

Lovely new blog. Cute really.

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