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30th January

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Creativity is born of the mind. 

And passion, a product of true soul. 

Search the depths. 

Roam the surface. 

For deep within, you find out what you can do without. 

If anything be a necessity, 

Then let it be a treasure

That only brings pleasure.

Today’s lesson: Don’t accommodate unnecessary wahala. If it gives you more trouble than pleasure, it has no business being in your life.
As the day ends, and you close your eyes to sleep. Take a minute and thank God for the many blessings in your life. If you’re not feeling very blessed, then just thank him for your life.


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Lovely new sister blog. This one, it seems, would showcase more sponatenous ideas I reckon. Awesome job ma’am!

Thank God for all of His blessings and deliverance…

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