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    To everyone who is reading this, Hello. To everyone who is wondering what this is, its a blog journal. To the ones who don’t still get what they are doing here, well…. Its the lord’s doing. This is the first day of my new daily posts. As is obvious from the blog title, this is going to be an everyday something. So get ready to be a devotee. Lol. Just kidding. Feel free to visit whenever you like. This is sort of like a sister to my other blog. Over there, I tell the tales. Elaborate on an issue. And here, I rehash my day and explore poetry. Thank you in advance for taking your time daily to read my posts. I love you all (I’m sure that’s already common knowledge) I look forward to giving you something to look forward to. Feel the flow? Lol. I should take my leave now. Ciao.


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