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My fellow humans. I am back. Sorry for being away for so long. I haven’t had the time. Have I wished you all a happy new year? Forgive my manners. From me to you. I wish you a blessed 2015. Filled with so much goodness and everything nice. Still in the spirit of the new year, I have a poem for all ye beautiful people. I hope you like it.

    I am a shadow. 

 A floating black surface

who in reality, is really behind the surface. 

In the light but barely noticed. 

I go wherever I’m led. 

And I’m only seen when there is light. 

Like vapour, or smoke. Not sure which exactly,

I vanish with the absence of light. 

But I’m there. Present. Aware. 

Just unseen. 

So maybe I don’t vanish. You just don’t notice me anymore. 

Is that my fault? I’m not sure. 

They complain of my appearance. 

And my attitude. 

They trample on my existence. 

Aware of my presence. 

But no one acknowledges it. 

My importance is almost negligible. 

My absence, on the other hand, is a cause for concern. 

So you don’t want me to leave.

But when I’m around, I’m barely given any attention. 

I can’t really understand it. 

Yet, maybe I can. 

Like a mirror, I reflect all that you are. 

So blame me all you want. 

For my figure. My appearance. 

The contours you see. My presence. 

Trample in my image. 

But never forget. Always remember. 

I’m simply a reflection of who you are. 

And the reason for my color?

The reason I am dark. 

Is just so you can be light. 

I’m dark and invisible.

Because you’re all that needs to be visible. 

I follow you wherever you go. 

Never complaining. Not like you would listen anyway. 

That doesn’t make me weak. Or powerless. Because all I need to do is disappear. 

To make you retrace your steps. 

I am with you always. 

Even when you don’t see me. 

The darkness blinds you from the awareness of my existence. 

So please come into the light. 

And shine with all your might. 

This is not personal. 

Its simply an expression of thought. 

I am a shadow. 

But maybe I’m simply your guardian angel. 

      Once again, Happy new year. Its a new book. With blank pages. Let’s write a bestseller. Stay happy. ☺

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Uduak Etukudo

Beautiful piece and very deep.

    Gideon Dzik

    Wooow. ..shadow.. Nice writeup…very insightful and deep.bless u for the opener..

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