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Standing there before him, she took off pieces of her clothing. One after the other in slow motion. This was the debut to the expression of her love for him. Taking off the last bit of her clothing, she watched with a tinge of nervous apprehension, the way his eyes flickered from the top of her head all the way down to her toes. Taking in every detail of her body. Every contour. She was bare and in every sense of the word, completely stripped.
      Okay. I’m going to stop right here. For those of you whose minds have already travelled far and wide, you can like to return home now. I just wanted to paint a picture. Before I go into the issue for today.
     You know how it is often said that the climax of every love affair. The binding force. The thing that consummates the marriage is the art of love making. A full passionate expression of your love for the other person. And how that cannot be achieved unless the both of them are stark naked. Completely stripped of every limitation and boundaries.
     This brings me to the doorstep of my point. Just like in the art of love making, before you can truly soar. Or commit. Or get the best out of anything. You need to strip yourself of every boundary. Things that are merely but a weight on our shoulders.
     We keep saying “I don’t feel God’s presence” , “I’m not feeling this relationship”…..and so on and so forth. But just this morning, I realised that before you can get the full amazingness of Gods totality, you need to come before him. Bare, willing and stripped down to the very last. Like a bride before her newly wedded groom. Get rid of the limitations, the boundaries, the thin veil that impairs your vision. Even in our daily relationships with people closest to us. We still keep to ourselves a piece of us. Most of the time, large chunks are left out. We only show to people what we want them to see. Normal human behavior. But I want to pitch an idea to you this morning.
      Try to let go of all that sets you back. Strip yourself of everything that’s  limiting your shine. All the weights. Secrets. Stop holding back pieces of you. Strip. Slowly. One by one. Let them go and bare yourselves. Your flaws. Your contours. They are nothing but beautiful imperfections to the one who sees you as everything. Like John Legend sang “All of me. Loves All of you” You get the idea. So in any relationship. Be it with God. Or family. Or whatever else. You cannot get the best out of it by holding back. Give all of you. Strip.


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Always good to read your posts. Thank you.

Edet :D

That actually made sense, u should be endorsed


Awesome stuff here! Showcases the salient Truth of how open we are to be in our commitments.

I loved the broken series too!


    Lol. Thank you


I like 😊

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