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Broken (3)

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     Hello beautiful people of the universe. How are we doing today? Anyways this is the final part of my broken series. Due to certain requests, I have decided to complete the story. I hope you like it.

  For the first time in my life, I was right. I had made the right choice. I was sure of it. The peace that now filled my inner being confirmed it. This man didn’t ask me for too much. He had no demands. Instead, he wanted to help me. Wanted to do something for me. Make me feel better. He held my hand and asked me to be his friend. He said I look lonely and I told him I wasn’t. Stan was my love. And friend. He shook his head and in a small voice that was almost a whisper, he replied “Stan is not your friend”. 
     That annoyed me. But I couldn’t stay mad. Because somewhere deep inside me, I knew he was right. Stan didn’t love me. He never did. That’s why I wasn’t happy. That’s why I felt empty. All he ever did was take from me. Till I became an abyss. Void and discarded.
     This man told the truth with words of honey. Could tell what I was going through with just one glance. He says he’s just observant but I’m starting to think that he’s psychic. I silently wondered if he knew I was dying. He probably did. I adjust myself in his warm embrace that has now become my comfort palace. He was singing again. His voice took my mind to happy places I thought were once lost. Jesse. Even his name had a fine tune to it. Stan couldn’t come close. For some reason, he was threatened by the mere sight of him. Why hadn’t I met him sooner. This beautiful stranger who was both altruistic and enchanting. Sitting there in the park beside him, all my worries seemed to vanish. I had indeed made the right choice.

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