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GOD WILL NOT HELP US. A poem by Mason khalif

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    Good evening my lovely people. I have something different for you today.  *drum rolls* Lol. It’s a beautiful poem. Written by one of the most talented people I know. A special friend.  I read it and it made so much sense. So I’m going to leave it here (with his approval of course) for all you wonderful individuals to enjoy! Feel free to comment.



Everyone is a liar

money is all that is worshipped

the religious leaders

use God’s name to fill their purses

Our civilian leaders 

have not led us anywhere

then they say

Let us pray to God. 

We kill each other

Steal and cheat 

always trying to make 

a dishonest living. 

“Don’t help him” 

“He’s not your brother” 

“He’s not a Christian” 

“like you are” 

“don’t give a lift to her” 

“just drive past in your car” 

then we come to the altar 

and pray to God. 

He blessed us

with every resource 

the soil is rich

the land fertile 

we used the proceeds

from these resources 

to purchase weapons 

and destroy the masses

thus chaos looms

destruction in the land 

then we clasp our hands

and pray to God. 

No one looks after the other

no one shows no one love 

yet we claim to honour

The One above

Peace is on our lips

war is on our hearts

the dead will rest in peace 

they have done their part 

“no one is safe” MI said

when the innocent were murdered 

for nothing at all

then we turn around and say 

God will help us. 


God will help us. 

But God will NOT help us. 

the errors are ours to fix

the land is ours to heal. 

God has done his part 

in abundance we were blessed

we should play our part 

and save our God the stress. 

God will help us, 

When we have helped ourselves. 

A poem by Mason H. Khalif. 

© The Gallery Of Dreams. 2014. 




Is very true God has already finished His part . We r left 2 do our part so dat our land wud be healed . Luv dis poem

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