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A cry for help

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       So as I’m writing this post, I’m truly pained. Today, I’m here to vent. Not just because I’m sad or angry, but because this is a very grave issue that makes my heart ache everytime I think about it. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the 234 girls that are missing. I mean, it’s everywhere. Pictures, posters, memes…..etc Anyways, this is not going to be one of those angry pained posts throwing curses and raising angry fists at the government. This is a cry for help.
      It’s easy to post pictures, blame the government, say hurtful angry words and rant political mumbo jumbo. But what good does all of that do? We say the government is slacking in their duties but what are we as citizens doing to help the situation. What is our contribution to the betterment of the country? A simple heartfelt prayer said with absolute conviction. Financial aid (If you can) Talk shows. Radio shindigs. That’s all we need to show we care. The little kind of participation needed to make a difference. The kidnap of the girls is just a scratch at the bottom of the mass of Nigeria’s problems. It took the kidnap of 234 girls to get our attention. Or open our eyes to the problem at hand. The bigger picture. That the problem is more than the kidnap of girls, or the bombing of major places, or even Boko Haram in itself. It’s the people in it’s entirety. Lack of understanding. Twisted psycho mentality. Our casual nonchalant attitude to calamities that unfold around us. A girl is being raped to death and all we Nigerians can do is gather around, take pictures and tweet ‘RIP’ We think standing by the sidelines saying ‘O ma se o’ is enough. Just today, I heard of a man who beat his daughter to death for a plate of rice. (I’m not even sure the rice was sweet sef) One miserly plate. And then we ignore it too. And I was thinking, in the process of the girls being abducted weren’t there people around? What were they doing? I can’t say it all. I won’t finish. But in the end sha. The long and short of the matter is that we Nigerians want quick fixes. If we do not take our time to nip all these small small matters that are eating away the very fabric of our nation in the bud, things may not get better. So while we raise angry fists at the government and rant and say God knows what. We should ask ourselves. What am I doing to help?
       And pray for peace in the nation. Because in the end, God is overall. And only him can cause stormy seas to be calm. So in one voice, and sincerity of heart let’s take out time and ask the lord to heal our land. 


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Gideon Dzik

Aaawww, a very touching piece. Am believing God for the healing of the land of Nigeria. Bless u Oreva. 😀


Extremely Sad but true. It’s only by the help of the father we live. I sincerely pray that those girls be found. I don’t want to imagine what being in their shoes is like. I believe in a better nigeria no matter how bad things may seem now. Stay blessed Oreva

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