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Broken (2)

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  Okayy. So after my last post many people asked me to continue the story. So here goes…… Hope you like it.   

                Turning point
I couldn’t stop staring. Flashes of the past flooded my head. This man. The one with the eyes. He had given me what I thought was life. He enticed me with promises still unfulfilled. Paradise. At the beginning that’s what it was. Bliss. Till everything went crumbling and it just kept on getting worse. He said he loved me. I believed he did. But why did he leave me? Why didn’t it seem like he cared. Why is my throat now suffocated with screams I can’t let out. I’m looking at him. Smiling. Appealing to me. And my better mind says I should run. But I’m afraid I can’t. I have no one. And he has come back for me. I’m about to tell him yes when I see something that stops me short. It’s another silhouette. A figure emerging from behind the trees. I’m squinting and trying to make out the image. It’s a man. Another man. As he moves forward and into the light, I begin to see him much more clearly. He’s a fine man. Not as fine as Stan but he’s fine. He takes a seat at the far edge of the park that we are and minds his own business. But I can’t mind mine. I know I should turn away. I don’t need complications. But I can’t. There’s something about this man. A certain calmness and serenity that’s almost enchanting. Stan is still talking but I can’t hear a thing he’s saying. I’ve lost  interest. Or maybe it was because I wasn’t looking at his eyes. The other man had all my attention. He was singing now. A sweet soothing melody filled the air and I was almost sure I saw Stan cringe. I wondered why. That was the first time anything got to Stan. For the first time, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a while. Hope. Finally, he turned towards me and caught my eyes. For a moment, time seemed to freeze. This time it wasn’t the eyes. There was something else that drew me. Before I knew what was happening, I found myself moving towards him. Stan was fuming and calling out to me. But I ignored him. And walked away from my past. Towards this intriguing stranger. I had to talk to him. It was time to start a new story. This time I knew what drew me. What started it. It was his smile. An easy natural grin. Pure and simple. Like sunshine through a raindrop. I had never seen anything like it. I increased my pace. I couldn’t wait to get to him. The voices in my head told me this could be a mistake. He wasn’t interested. I was the one going to him. But I didn’t care. After all, I was dying. And empty. What else did I have to lose?


So Uhm. If you like have a suggestion or something you want me to talk about, you could either leave a comment or mail me at   Thanks!

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Simply amazing…
bt is that d end *sobbing*


    Awwww. Thanks. To be continued…..


This is very beautiful Oreva, I’m going through all your write ups and i particularly am in love with this one.. Sincerely looking at it from the light of God and the earthly pleasures, I get a huge point because it can also depict the story of God’s Love for us.. The devil comes to entice and steal our joy, but Christ being our mighty hope and help.. In him we find hope, and when we want to turn to God’s Love, the devil whispers thoughts of destruction like the ones you mentioned and God strengthens us to return to him… This piece is so wonderful Oreva, Please continue… God bless 💚💛💜💙❤


    Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment❤️

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