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         So I just finished reading a book from my literature class about a man who was sentenced to death just because the jury felt he was “taciturn” (For those who don’t know what that means, it means to be reserved and uncommunicative). Anyways, it got me thinking and I realised that our society is like that jury in so many ways than one. Everyone says “Be yourself” , “Be original” , “Freedom of speech” ……etc. We know the drill. But the moment someone attempts to express who they really are, we are quick to point fingers or express our supposedly ‘candid’ opinions on how the person is acting or should be acting. We say that the person isn’t acting normal. Or it’s unusual. And then I ask myself “what is normal?” “What draws the line between normal and abnormal?” “Who defines it?”. The moment something doesn’t go the way we expect it to or a person acts in a manner we aren’t used to, we proclaim judgement and call them whatever names we deem fit. No one is allowed to think differently or act as they truly please. 

    Then where is the freedom in all of this? True freedom is being free to express yourself without having to worry about what the next person would think. True freedom says it’s okay to be weird. It’s alright to have worries. It’s okay to go through a phase. You sha get my point. Lol.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if everyone can just simply be themselves and concentrate less on finding casualties in others. If we can just let everyone express their uniqueness in whatever way they deem fit and not have to care about what others may have to say. Then the world would be a much better place. 


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